Best OSRS Bot

Why Purchase?

A bot client is the most common purchase for many Runescape players. However, which one you should get? Below are three of our choices that will make gaming safer and better.

To find the key to the best osrs bot, you first must understand what your requirements are. Are any of these your end goal?

- Sell OSRS Gold
- Buy OSRS Gold
- Sell Runescape Account
- Buy Runescape Account
- OSRS Money Making
- How To Earn Money From Home

If any of the above apply to you, then read on. I will tell you the best
osrs bot. Here are the current top 3 OSRS Bots on the market:


Summary of Best OSRS Bot


The bot client is one of the most advanced and the best developed we were able to see in a long time. It's developed for perfection, and it is known for offering the ultimate safety for all the users. The software is for advanced analysis, so it is more sophisticated than similar clients such as DreamBot.

You will also be able to develop your scripts. Furthermore, this client comes with a massive base of users and an active community. All this means that there will be a lot of different scripts to try and use.

- Established: April 2013
- Active Members: 1000+
- Active VIP Members: 250+
- Estimated Monthly Revenue: $5000+
- Estimated Concurrent Bots: 5000+
- Target Audience: Casual Botters


If you seek for the alternative, the bot client is a top contender. First and foremost, it has been developed to provide superior safety at all times. The client is regularly updated, and it is known for the protection it provides.

A massive cloud database is available as well. Thanks to it you can experience the ultimate simulations, freeware, and the latest anti-detection technologies. The last but not least, the user interface of the client is better than any other at the moment.

- Established: November 2013
- Active Members: 1000+
- Active VIP Members: 250+
- Estimated Monthly Revenue: $5000+
- Estimated Concurrent Bots: 2000+
- Target Audience: Casual Botters


The bot client is the best for those who want a client with minimalistic resource use. It is advanced, but it is still faster than any other client. We must add that there are not many limits when it comes to the scripts. The developers are free to try all that they like and to get the most
out of the client.

The entity interaction is 100% safe and undetected. It is also fast as well, so you will want to consider the client as soon as possible.

- Established: July 2018
- Active Members: 100+
- Active VIP Members: N/A
- Estimated Monthly Revenue: $750+
- Estimated Concurrent Bots: 400+
- Target Audience: Gold Farmers

Where is TriBot & DreamBot?

I’ve researched each bot, even a new bot XiaBot, I haven’t included the Tribot or DreamBot because they appear dead. Each of them has many scripts available, but I cannot recommend any for this topic.

Anti Ban Rating

OSBot 7/10 – Jagex vs OSBot, it seems to be a roll of the dice. Tread carefully but rest assured It’s a high-quality
RuneMate 7/10 – Jagex vs RuneMate, same as the above. Tread safely when using any botting client.
RSPeer 9/10 – Visit one of the about posts to understand why RSPeer wins in this category.

Script Support Rating

OSBot 7/10 – Hidden refund section, users complaining about no response. I advise you look at each script thread before purchasing to ensure no problems.
RuneMate 9/10 – Good support because of the hourly focused business model.
RSPeer 8/10 – Not enough scripts to judge this reliably, will need to revisit this in the future.

Future Sustainability Rating

OSBot 10/10
RuneMate 10/10
RSPeer 8/10

Marketplace Rating

OSBot 10/10 – Valuable services and shops for all types of transactions, many dedicated sellers with many vouches. The #1 Bot Site for Marketplace dealings.
RuneMate 3/10 – Needs improvement
RSPeer 0/10

Botting Guides Rating

OSBot 10/10
RuneMate 10/10
RSPeer 2/10

Update Times

All featured bots update their clients within a reasonable time, but if you need the fastest. Then go to TriBot, although expensive and small community that would be your only choice.

Final Review


This bot has been around for a while, although you shouldn't bot for long periods of time, this is an excellent bot to use with a superb marketplace and a good selection of scripts with minimal continuous costs. OSBot is the top contender!

OSBot is ideal for building up wealth & accounts for resale. I would tread carefully with botting your mains. Overall a good and solid bot, especially if you know the limits.

RuneMate – 2nd

Despite its business model, this bot aims for reliability and performs. If you seek the additional comfort of continuous support then join RuneMate, this bot is ideal for those training their accounts but comes at a cost!

RSPeer – 3rd

Although a relatively new bot, it shows promising traits. With several known developers including an open source bot client developer. I hold this project to a high standard, ideal for experienced scriptwriters and gold farmers. The ban rates seem to be the best above all clients but require above entry level knowledge.

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