BigBoiBets – A OSRS Botting guide to Mules

Rather than use conventional means of storing OSRS Gold. Use BigBoiBets, they’re a leading gambling site. Allowing for direct deposits of RS3 & OSRS Gold, in return you receive tokens.

Why BigBoiBets OSRS?

I’ve personally used them several times, previously I’ve sold some BTC for OSRS Gold, never wanted to risk losing this hard earned money. So came across the idea of storing it on OSRS Gambling sites. Then quickly found BigBoiBets and decided to give it a try. Ever since then I’ve stored around 300M OSGP.

What about my accounts?

Establish a mobile hotspot from my smartphone. I then connect to it from my computer and launch Runelite. About 2 weeks ago I purchased level 3 accounts from a trusted seller on OSBot. Their site is, the pricing is fair enough for our task at hand. I then use those accounts to quickly store the gold and then direct deposit to BigBoiBets.

If I then need it for a main, I’ll withdraw from BigBoiBets. The reason this extra layer is safer is that legitimate players who are depositing will get their GP mixed up with mine. So ultimately It hides the true intentions of the trades.

Can BigBoiBets ban my account?

In theory, if you don’t use their service they could block you from depositing more funds. They may even force you to use some of the tokens for their games. They should see us as cash flow if I deposit 100M and only withdraw it in increments over a few weeks. We can improve their cash flow. The site shouldn’t be abused, BigBoiBets is there to make money. So the theory is if it helps their cash flow then they’ll help you.


Understand that RWT is against the rules, you may be banned if they think you’re involved with it. Please even if you haven’t been banned yet, you should be paranoid enough to know you could eventually be banned. So follow my above method for storing gold, it may just save you a bunch of money.

You can also use BigBoiBets to send tokens to others, this could be considered a form of selling gold directly off the site.

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