OSRS Botting 2018

Upon lot's of research, OSRS Botting has discovered a mixed reaction to botting in general. Although It uses is often confidential, many seek it as an alternative to legitimate play. It saves you so much effort that you could make real money with it, that is if you understand how it works.

In OSRS Botting 2018, I'll cover Anti-Ban and the various findings to help improve the ban rate.

OSRS Botting How do you get Banned?

If you do various type of stuff on your account, for example doing quests, training different skills. Moreover, you get banned it's because of a manual review from someone in the anti-cheat team of Jagex.

There's only one way not to get banned when you play on your account with the conditions stated above, and that's by preventing a manual review.

OSRS Botting 2018
Quashed bot busting ban, although quite uncommon. You can get away with it once or twice.

OSRS Bot Appeal

In general, this will only work if you have an existing account that's 100% legit. There are just a few reliable methods of removing a bot busting ban. Follow these steps before botting and you'll have great success.

1. NEVER bot on your home IP address, If Jagex sees you've done this. They'll never believe It's a false ban ever.

2. Don't play on your account while you're in the botting cycle, so don't even play on it for two weeks before you start. Once you start you'll be better gold farming Zulrah, this is a standard method. Especially those who steal accounts that is their favourite method.

3. Finally, don't get a proxy that isn't from your country. If you do, It'll cause a lock and will complicate your appeal in the future.

Manual Permanent Ban

The most crucial reason for the anti-cheat team to monitor your account is your daily total playing time. Jagex checks your account or logs when your playing time is around twelve hours.

Your total playing time also includes the time you played without botting, let's say if you bot for ten hours and play about four hours without a bot, there'll be a considerable chance you receive a manual review.

If you ever receive a manual review, the anti-cheat team will check the timeline of your account. If you botted before you can get banned for that because it's all visible.

When your account is getting reviewed, and you don't get a punishment, it's not because you did it very careful or smart but it's because of the inabilities of the anti-cheat team employee.

It’s possible that you can trigger a manual review by playing the game legit, just like how your account can be labelled as a legit account while you’re botting, those bots aren’t on the radar of Jagex.

After appealing multiple times and getting accounts back, They detected unauthorised access to my account which is impossible and not real.

Which verifies that the bans are done manually by an anti-cheat team employee, and the ban is his call. I used to do much different stuff on the accounts that I got back for example: doing quests, training combat and non-combat skills, playing minigames and more, botting up to a maximum of four hours with a twenty minutes break every hour.

OSRS Mod Weath
Smart Botters Win

High Risk High Reward

When you avoid the botting hotspots, your chances of not getting banned will be huge. For example, Zulrah will get you a manual review.

Even if you play at hotspots legit for long periods of time, your account will get reviewed. As mentioned before, they’ll check the history of your account and if you botted before you can get banned for it.

Anti-Cheat Team Mandate

The motives of the anti-cheat team are to get rid of gold farming and real-world trading.

I strongly think that accounts that have money on them let's say more than a hundred million GP will be more vulnerable and are more likely to get a manual review. These type of accounts are more interesting to Jagex because they could be real-world trading or gold farming.

Who are they?

Anti-cheat team employees aren’t data scientists, but they are regular staff, though are trained in finding cheaters. I think that they have guidelines to follow to see whether an account is playing legit or is botting. It’s assumable that the instructions made, so it’s easy to detect popular botting scripts and skills.

I think that in the anti-cheat team they get a task from time to time, for example, the nightmare zone ban wave. It makes sense, pursue the primary function of anti-gold farming as Zulrah is one of the best gold farming methods in the game and lots of accounts are being farmed together to exploit it.

Jagex vs Botters
Jagex vs Botters


Considering Jagex are improving for OSRS Botting in 2018. There are still workarounds such as being smarter especially while OSRS is on the rise. There will always be demand for more gold sellers.

You need to be realistic and follow good advice as shown here and if you've experienced success. Let us know in the relevant thread that you found this on.

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