OSRS Botting Guide 2019

The $200,000/month Botting Industry is competitive, with Jagex struggling to keep up. Find out exclusive insights to help you better prepare your empire. Save time & money with OSRS Botting Guide 2019.

Why Bot

Runescape doesn't allow natural progress. It feels like you're eroding as an individual. Thus the motivation for Bot Clients emerges. Many people like playing, It's the end goal of your account that causes issues in other words why spend 10 hours a day grinding when a bot can do it for you.

Todays Reality of OSRS Botting

Although botting used to be the meta, it isn't anymore. You have to understand the internal workings to benefit.

  • Are you prepared to sacrifice your main accounts?
  • Willing to absorb lousy investment choices?
  • Eager to learn and read for countless hours?

Assuming that's a yes, superb you're the correct type of botter.

Types of Botters

Amateurs - Although enthusiastic at the road ahead, amateurs seek quick results. The majority bot their accounts for stats and not real money. It's not common for new botters to aspire to become Gold Farmers. Though if careful can expect no botting bans on already established accounts.

Scripters - It's important to note all scripters are entrepreneurs. Realising that creating scripts give immense benefit, providing practical skills for outside botting.

Amateur Gold Farmers - The bulk of gold farmers are amateur, with small weekly profits. Coupled with the everlasting urge to find new methods, it breeds passiveness.

Professional Gold Farmers - True entrepreneurs, the real professional gold farmers, Earning thousands per month. Thousands of bots all earning them a reasonable sum. Masters of the food chain from account creation to RWT, automation is their friend.

Useful Resources:

There's a lot of Bot Clients available, OSRS Botting has already done the research. Check out our Best OSRS Bot summary to save you money and time.

Discover the latest Ban Stats straight from Jagex themselves, identify the numbers involved. Over 100,000 bots banned weekly, is the fight only starting?

Discover essential tips with the OSRS Botting 2018 guide, filled with good to know info. Also covers how to quash botting bans with ease.

OSRS Botting Industry Size

Understand the scale of botting by checking the OSRS Support Stats. 100,000+ accounts banned weekly If each is worth 50k to create that's up to $5000/week. Presuming each account creates 50 cents of GP, It sums to $50,000/week revenue for all OSRS Bots.

Bots Vs Humans

No bot can be a 100% replacement for a human, Jagex has many tactics to distinguish that although they're only guessing, which explains why you can still get banned. Human play reduces the chances, especially for legitimate accounts.

Previous Ban Experiences

I have a staking account, 100% human play. Cost $200 to create, then started barrows gloves and got banned for Macro Major. Although I'm still waiting for the appeal result, this demonstrates that Jagex is terrible. It was going to be my legitimate main. The only reason likely is lack of random human play.

The #1 difference for manual reviews seem to be random legitimate human play. In the future, I'll ensure enough amount of time is spent doing random tasks and skills. That would have saved getting a manual review ban.


Decide If Botting is for you, It's an excellent hobby to undertake to learn about scripting. If OSRS Botting Guide 2019 has benefitted you, please share it.

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