OSRS Botting Guide to Proxy Purchasing

There is an excellent demand for proxies in OSRS Botting, although a vast amount of choices. It comes down to network quality and cost. There is also massive demand on proxies that are fresh every month.

This guide aims to provide you with the knowledge to purchase proxies with confidence and to never skip out on an excellent opportunity.

What Is A Proxy

The first thing you will have to know is what a proxy is? It stands for a proxy server, and it is a medium between the users and the requested information. For example, a user will have to access the proxy server which will provide the file the user needs. Proxies will make a request simpler and quicker.

The Advantages Of Using a Proxy

There are several advantages we can see here. The first one is the added encryption which makes using the web much safer — usually one of the most popular benefits and the main reason why so many Socks5 Proxies get sold today.

The second advantage is the ability to hide your IP address. It is mandatory if you want to stay concealed while botting. Don’t forget that the IP address will reveal your precise location, country, and city to anyone with an internet connection.

The third benefit is the ability to access blocked content, which was restricted by a country or a third party. Now you can visit the sites which are not available in your home country and use them like any other user. Possible due to the fact a socks5 proxy will hide the IP address, so the site won’t be able to determine from which location you are visiting.

Why is latency for gaming important?

As you are aware, latency is used in online gaming to reveal the time needed for a computer to send a request to the server and to accept back the data. Measured in 100 ms, and this represents the PING. If the PING is 1000 ms, your gaming will be slow, and you can see characters moving and disappearing off the map. In other words, your gaming device will sync the data from the game with a delay, so your actions will be slightly postponed. Botting with a reliable and fast network is essential to keep your accounts ban free.


The biggest selection of proxy providers, from rotating back-connect proxies, shared and dedicated socks5 proxies. You’ll find a vast choice for all scenarios.

Here are my top 3 providers from BlackHatWorld:

Blazing Proxies
Super Sonic Proxies

OSRS Proxy Sellers

DBolter from OSBot – Ranges from $2-$3.50 per month, the most popular proxy provider for OSBot
Banker from DreamBot – $1.50/month, the most popular seller on DreamBot

OSRS Botting Tips

Ensure you’re purchasing socks5, these are application type proxies. These will work for torrenting, botting or using Proxifier with the Runescape Client (good for multiple mirror modes).

While OSRS Botting, It’s important to understand the limitations of your bot client software. They
can only prevent bans so much, you must also purchase proxies to differentiate that activity from your main accounts.

Don’t do direct transfers to your main from your bots. It may affiliate you with gold farmers, Jagex will ban you for this. Don’t risk your hard earned accounts for anything!

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